Tuesday, May 31, 2005

I'm a fan of the barn dance

it was so much fun, good excercise too. The wedding was gorgeous, it was a privelage to be able to go, seeing as how I don't even really know the bride very well. It was also lovely to get away from the city and be near lake Superior and all the vegetation, and to sing in a dive bar at the top of my lungs with good company.

I'm basically in a state of delirium right now, possibly still have a slight buzz going, the aftermath of three days of heavy drinking and debauchery. Our memorial day party was interesting, a good mix of people. Somehow we ended up in this pimped out ambulance with a muppet chair, a variety of alcohol, and of course fog machines. And lets just say the lake is darn chilly this time of year. And of course we vow to never drink again.

Only 3 more hours until I can go back to sleep, although its a beautiful day.

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