Thursday, May 26, 2005

let me count the ways

I love cheesecake a lot.

I burned my tongue on coffee this morning, and it hurts.

I finally mailed off my resume today, I was told it was a pretty decent resume, and I'm very close to completing my application, I called my old boss at the Y to ask if she'd be a reference so I'm waiting to hear back from her, and then that's it!, well except asking current boss, but I will do that today. Even if I don't get this particular position at least I have everything in place to keep applying for others, and I know I will find something. Olivia also mailed off her writing, so we both are making steps towards future goals, its a good feeling.

I learned this morning that if a mother is depressed during pregnancy, it actually affects the development of the baby's brain. I guess that makes sense. Now I can definately blame any dysfunction on my mother, cuz I assume she was depressed when she was pregnant with me (well, other than the joy me growing inside her), I mean I'm pretty sure she felt shitty about most things in her life. This is all theorizing of course, but interesting nonetheless. Makes one ponder about the future bearing of children possibility and how its that much more important to be of course not in some state of perfection, but relatively stable in order to have healthy children. Although you decrease the angst and you also run the risk of having boring, well rounded children...whats the fun in that.

I'm tired, spent some QT at the RD again last night. Have my final partylite party tonight, final as in the last of the first six that I was required to do to get started, now its just pretty much who wants to do a show in the future or has booked a show from the other parties. This is nice cuz I'll have a bit more time now, less money, but more time. I will be qualified and I will get my antique brass stand with a removable tray, just you wait and see!

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