Wednesday, May 11, 2005

how could he let me down like that

I was watching Felicity the other night, the episode where Noel and Felicity discover that Hanna (Noel's ex-gf) has moved to NYC, and then Hanna plays the I'm sad and lonely in new york and want you back card which gets Noel confused about what (or who) he wants, Hanna or Felicity. Meanwhile Felicity is lucky enough to be the object of interest of this totally hot art dude, I mean he is smokin' hot. I've been in the Noel camp since day one, but I completely forgot how much of an ass he was, jaw-dropping assiness, he walked out of her room after telling he was "confused" and that he didn't expect him to wait for her until he sorts out his feelings, yeah, he walks out, gets Hanna, they both look back at Felicity who is peering around the door watching them leave, they just keep on going w/o a second thought it seems. That got me riled up, what a jerk, and Hanna was a jerk too. So Felicity gets a clue and hooks up with the hot art dude.

Anyways, people can be so inconsiderate.

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