Friday, May 06, 2005

party on

The party went well overall. One of the ladies there knew more than I did about Partylite cuz she's been to so many parties. I wasn't as cohesive as I had hoped, but I'm just chalking that up to it being my first time. Anyways, it was fun. My co-worker Andrea is the one who hosted, and her mom works here as well. Andrea is not someone that I work with that I would also consider a friend, so it was neat to see her with her family and get to know her better, it is always interesting to see people outside of normal and have them surprise you. In our office those of us in our twenties are fairly tight, except for Andrea, she does her own thing, and when she first started was I guess I would say she was anti-social, although over time she has come around, not that I'm the most social person there ever was either. Well, my point is there is always more to a person than your first impression, thank god for it too. I love how someone can seem to have their shit together and when you know them you see how they are falling apart, or those who seem really off at first can impress you.

I saw my landlord this morning as I was leaving for work, he apologized for all the noise the other night and said he was going to have a talk with the culprit. Our landlord is the most random guy, we wonder if he's on drugs sometimes cause sometimes he's completely mellow, other times he's all disheveled and strange, or else he's totally jovial and friendly. He's a character, you can call him el toro.

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