Wednesday, April 19, 2006

the addiction

I just went to my length of service appreciation lunch. Five years baby, good grief. I'm not quite sure if I've eaten enough today though, I mean, we had a staff meeting this morning so I piled my plate high with french toast, fruit, bread, and pasta salads, then a buffet lunch which seemed to only consist of fried food. If I'm still here for the 10 year luncheon, someone kick me in the ass pleeeeease.

I still have hope for Jess and Rory. Betsy turned to the dark side because she started watching season 5 when Logan and Rory started dating, now she "understands" how Rory could be in love with Logan. Yeah, I understand too, but I still think they are wrong together. It was painful to see Lorelai get soused and make a fool of herself, I guess it happens to the best of us. I wonder if, like quitting smoking, I'll quit TV series on DVD someday. We are still working on Six Feet Under, I still have some GG to watch and I'm already thinking of what to start watching next, a couple possibilities are Arrested Development and Northern Exposure.

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