Tuesday, April 25, 2006

gremlin in my blog

My post from yesterday appears to be lost in cyberspace, not that it was anything to shake a stick at anyways.

I think I'm going to go to a GLBT documentary film tonight, alone, which will probably perpetuate further suspicions of my orientation (fist raised to my other half-gay bethren). Moreso hoping to get some insight into the marriage/religious debate since it is something that interests me. This mean I will have to *gasp* miss tonights fresh episode of GG, hopefully I can tape it if my VCR doesn't get wacky. Logan is in the hospital but I know he won't die, and it will probably just make him and Rory realize that life is too short and they should focus on making their relationship strong. Gag me. Amy Sherman-Palladino and her hubby Dan are ditching out on season 7, lameoids.

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