Tuesday, April 11, 2006

the shame

I've decided to try not to feel guilty anymore, it's really just too much of a burden.

Good show last night, though I nearly fell asleep during transition between the opening band (The Elected) and Metric, and my feet hurt really bad, and I didn't want to move for fear of losing my spot (one disadvantage of being alone) so I didn't smoke or use the potty the entire 4 hours I was there, it was still worth it. Of course I had to observe my lack of coolness in comparison to all the hipsters, or rather my lack of ability perhaps to put together a convincing image.

Note how fit and sexy the lead singer's legs are, and the when the band came back for the encore the lead guitarist was smoking, smoking! inside! I wasn't sure if he just was unaware of the ban or disregarded the ban with a fuck you smoking ban attitude, in any case, he was hot.

It's getting to be apartment hunting time again. Sounds like Betsy has now decided to stick around so we are finding a place together, though we have some discrepancy on location and how much we are willing to pay so we'll see what we can agree upon.

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