Monday, April 03, 2006

such a brave little toaster

lewd pirate cake
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I really need to get me a decent digital camera...but look at my pirate cake I made, isn't it impressive, it says "happy b-day, you put the shiver in me timber" (I stole that off the 'net, I'm not quite witty enough to come up with that on my own). Anyways, I think all involved had a good time friday night, there was dancing, mural drawing, a cake variety, and other misc. debauchery (no, that does not include me getting action). I also wouldn't shut up about my love for the animated feature "The Brave Little Toaster"

I had a uncomfortable/lovely time with my family yesterday. Though my brother and I are well into adulthood, neither of us have a car that would be trustworthy to drive the 3ish hours it took to get to my Grandpa's birthday party, well my bro doesn't have a license much less a car. Anyways, us three kids, myself, brother and step-brother scrunched into the back of the Suburu. Not only did the Suburu smell like sheep had been stored in it, but I, being of the smallest stature, got the most uncomfortable seating arrangement. We headed off to the casino in Granite Falls to celebrate. While waiting for the man of the hour to show, I lost a total of $6 gambling, $5 of which were given to me by my step-mother though so I didn't take too much of a hit to my pocket. Whatever happened to your run of the mill slot machine?, I was too confused to properly gamble. Eventually Grandpa and Crystal showed, I was anxious to meet this woman who had stolen my Grandpa's heart, and well, it is a bit strange. As we ate in the casino cafe, I pondered exactly what this 47 year old woman was doing with my 90 year old grandfather, I came up with hell if I know. She is pleasant though, and takes good care of him. She did express her dissapointment at being the only black person in Ivanhoe, the small farming community where my Grandpa was born and has lived his entire life. So, I don't get it, but oh well, live and let live.

Gross, I just overheard a nurse talking about the stuff you can pick up from the tubing when you get a colonoscopy, ick.

Anyways, I spent a bit of time at my ma's house after dropping my bro off. We're sitting around chatting, and then my bro yells out Joel so and so is on the scanner, and my mom goes running off to find out what kind of trouble this Joel is in. Doug, familiar with cop codes determined it had something to do with drunkeness, and stealing gas. "Who is this Joel guy" I inquired of my mother, "Oh, an old boyfriend of mine" was her reply. She then goes on to tell me about how he was a "cooner", apparently an expert in petty theft and often homeless, though he did get my mother to appreciate the blues. Of course this lead to the subject of my single state, my mom not understanding why I don't have an S.O. since I'm a nice girl, not a "floosey", which then led to the discussion of the advantages of being asexual with my brother.

My brother by the way, seems to be clean and getting his shit together. He's meditating in the sauna, gone entirely organic, and is planning on moving to Seattle. He still believes in James Frey, but whatever, I just hope he stays on track.

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