Thursday, April 27, 2006

I'm so funny, I'm so pretty, I'm so popular

I posted a clever ad on craigslist to see if we could possibly wrangle up a roommate or two to find a cool place, and of course my inbox is flooded with responses, well about 15, most of which at first glance at least seem as though they could be cool potential housemates. Of course they all complimented me, practically begging me to choose them. Gushing on and on about how witty I am, and smart and beautiful...oh wait, they have no idea what I look like.

I'm looking like near death today, had a late night last night. Since I'm getting old I no longer bust out on a worknight as often as I used to to drink too many beers, but Betsy convinced me to join her and Sinda to meet their friend Mike at a local bar against my better judgement. We had a rousing conversation about boners, boobs, and butts amongst other things (like art and music). Mike is an attractive young lad, and Betsy and I chatted about how we'd have to fight over him on our walk home, that is if he didn't already have a girlfriend.

So my whining at work finally paid off! Since co-worker Angela will soon be starting an internship as a paralegal and won't be working here as much, they moved her desk and I got her cube, the sweetest spot in the joint. It's flooded with natural light, and while it can't cure my hangover, it does put me in a much better mood.

Tomorrow I will reflect on the film I saw the other night "Same Sex America", it was thought provoking, but I'm barely functioning right now so I'll hold my thoughts.

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