Friday, April 21, 2006

they are just fine

Matt's pecs are still lovely, holding up very nicely it seems. Instead getting my hair colored a darker brown as I usually do, I requested something more "spring-like", to which Matt suggested highlights. I immediately scoffed at the idea, knowing that upkeep of my hair is not at the top of my priority list, nor within my budget, and I feared unappealing roots. Besides, I've never been a highlight girl, I had blonde and reddish highlights once in college, and since I was busy, poor, and apparently cared little about my appearance I let my hair grow long without ever getting the roots done, or recolored or stripped or anything, half my hair was my natural color and the other half was tri colored. Jenni still makes fun of me about that to this day, I'm sure she thought twice about being my friend. Anyways, he told me they would be subtle, and since I trust Matt's talents, I was convinced. Well, they are subtle, in fact you can barely tell they exist on top of my faded previous dye job. Matt said they look "summery" though, and with his pectorals, I'll buy just about anything he says.

My personal book review of this months book club selection, which was "The Glass Castle" by Jeanette Walls, whom you may be familiar with as a writer for MSNBC. While I did enjoy this memoir of her life with her eccentric parents, an alchoholic father and a mother who found it more important to buy art supplies than food for her kids, I honestly wished it had been more well written. I felt like it was written as a book for adolescents. I don't mean to sound harsh, it also was engaging, interesting, and she did a fine job of relaying her experiences, just something about her writing style turned me off a bit. But hey, I'm no book critic, or a writer for that matter. Next book for our reading enjoyment is "Can You Keep a Secret?" by chick-lit author Sophie Kinsella, writer of the shopaholic books. It should be a light and fun read.

Well, I have a busy, busy weekend ahead, tonight is St. Paul Art Crawl. Tommorrow I'm attending an open house at Art Institute Int'l to hopefully solidify my decision to go there or not. I'm also volunteering at the Film Festival both tommorrow and Sun., not to mention a party thrown by a love interest of a certain galpal of mine whom will remain anonymous so as to not embarass her, but I may forego it in favor of relaxation.

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