Monday, April 24, 2006

the heck

Once again, my hotmail IM has been blocked at work, not that I often have buddies to chat with, just Dan and Jenny, but geez, they sure know how to spoil the fun around here, not that I can't find plenty to distract myself from my work.

Volunteering for the film festival wasn't quite as exciting as I'd hoped for, mostly sitting around doing basically nothing, not that the control freak that I worked with yesterday would have allowed me to do anything anyways. Free popcorn, coffee and festival tickets made it worth it I'd say. Friday nights art crawl rendered me drunk and belligerent, not belligerent really, but just more forthright (read: offensive) than I usually am. Though I may have hurt some feelings, I still had a good time.

My mind is a swirl of stuff, it's all jumbled up.

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