Thursday, February 03, 2005

relaxed stress

Today is "close of business", which means we are supposed to have all our charts admitted and insurance charged from the past month. We are not going to accomplish that, didn't even have a shot at it, so we are fairly relaxed about it when normally we'd be stressing out majorly. It does help the day go by faster.

I hate it when I try to post and it doesn't seem to go through, so I try to rewrite my post then find out that my other post did go through.

I hope to one day see a Moose in it's natural habitat, that would be so cool. I don't think I've even seen a real moose in an unnatural habitat, hmmm.

I can't believe the weather, it is february and it is 50 degrees out. Spring makes me very nostalgic, not necessarily a good thing, not that it is spring yet. Actually every season makes me nostalgic, partially the smells, but more the feeling on the skin or the atmosphere, briskness, or the sun beating down.

Okay, seriously I need to hit the gym. Freshman year, back when Sarah Fuj and I were roomies we had the "roll of the day" anyone who was feeling particularly large that day had the honor of being the "roll of the day" and was quoted on our whiteboard as to the reason for the fat feeling. Good times.

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Anonymous said...

Shawnapants, fujpants here. Can't remember my stinkin password and such so here i am anonymously, kinda.
Well, give it up for the roll of the day. Rollerific in the mid 20's where elasticity starts to go downward and not hold the rolls in as much. Good times.:>