Wednesday, May 24, 2006

after much agonizing

Betsy and I went back and forth, back and forth over which apartment to take. It was causing me so much anxiety that I felt sick to my tummy. In the end we decided to go with the smaller place, there was just too much uncertainty about who may or may not be our additional roommates to take the bigger place. I'm a little bummed about the loss of a really neat space, but as always the almighty dollar has spit in my face, mocking me. Ah well, our new pimpin' pad has better porch chillin' options, a greener street, we are closer to our preferred hangouts (and I will have a small balcony off my room where I can smoke, even though I just got seriously chastised by my MD today). So even though it is "cozy" I think it will work. I'm just happy a decision was made.

Tomorrow I have my financial aid appt. after which I will officially know if I'm going to school this summer. hooray. And since I got a "d" in my math class in college, I have to take the math placement test. I'm not even that bad at math, I just didn't care at the time.

Olivia left last night...I shed a few tears even though I'm glad she has this opportunity. However, this weekend brings a Sally (and MS flava?) fix for which I'm very excited. The RD's been missing us.

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