Wednesday, May 10, 2006

if making images is wrong, I don't want to be right

I actually feel that my dashboard Jesus is inspiring a revival in my heart, a resuscitation of my dead soul. See, you know how you talk to yourself in your head throughout the day, making to do lists, having imaginary blow-outs with friends or family, entertaining impure thoughts (with your spouse and/or future unknown spousal shadow figure of course- or in my case Jess from Gilmore Girls), so on and so forth. And you know how sometimes you are so much in your own head that you come to and find yourself gesturing wildly, or mouthing words while staring off into space, or even worse, actually speaking out loud, resulting in feelings of embarassment and self-conciousness. Well, now when I'm in my car, taking advantage of the solitude that driving time allows (in my case usually about the 7 min. it takes to get to work), instead of chatting with my brain I've got Jesus right there, looking all serene, friendly, comforting, plastic, bobbing away with excitement as I spill my secrets or hit a pothole. I thought the F-word this morning, then checked myself, apologizing to my Savior for my profanity. If only I had a radio in my sweet ride, JC and I could rock out some classic Zepplin (JC's power can so overcome some weak ass subliminal messaging attempt whilst still appreciating it's artistic integrity, no problem), or spit some rhymes, perhaps scan the dial for some neo-folk spiritual tunes (cuz I know that's his fave genre). I foresee a rekindling of a beautiful friendship.

Okay, as much as I adore Gilmore Girls, the last two episodes were poor, well, the whole 6th season hasn't been the best but that is to be expected I think when a show's been on for a few years. I like Christopher, I like Luke, Lorelai should probably end up with Luke, but I wouldn't mind if she and Chris hooked up, but not when she's hurt and vulnerable. I still look forward to next season, maybe my dream of Jess returning will come to fruition, probably not, ah well.

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