Friday, May 19, 2006

apartment search anonymous

I told Betsy after this weekend...I'm cut off. No more scouring craigslist, the newspaper and citypages for better, more affordable apartments. This will be difficult for me though, especially since it is such a nice distraction from work, such a thrill to see a fresh ad thinking "oooh, that sounds nice". Technically we have a place, it's four blocks down on our same street, one that we really liked when we first saw it (before we saw the apartment that can no longer be mentioned or thought of). It's "cozy" on a small side, but cute, and still in our 'hood. So unless we like the place that we're looking at tonight that's our new home.

My company recently took over a building a few blocks down from my office and made the lower level into a "global market" that just opened in the past week. It is so fantastic, Holly and I strolled over there today and got some mediterranian fare, but they had many yummy options. It was much like the food building at the state fair, only it's open year round.

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