Tuesday, May 02, 2006

is that normal?

Supposedly Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love lived in this house that we looked at yesterday. I scoffed when the lady said that, but she was being serious. Too bad a bunch of angsty punk kids trashed the house, we still may live there, but it needs lots of work/cleaning. I don't know if I could get over seeing it in the nasty state it was in, like I would picture the grime imbedded everywhere and be grossed out even if it was clean, much like my imaginary cat piss obsession.

Cassie stopped by to pick up the Six Feet Under disks she loaned me to return to the video store. You see, even though watching the show is supposed to be bonding time between her and I and Sarah, she forges ahead of me when I don't have time to watch it with her. However, she watched a couple episodes with me last night though and I was like, "Ruth gets way more action than me", to which Cassie responded that everyone on the show gets a lot of action, and maybe it isn't normal. In any case, whether or not it's normal, Ruth gets way more action than me, and that is kinda depressing.

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