Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I heart cynicism

STILL no word on our dream apartment, we will probably end up in a shithole because we sat around and waited on the off chance that we'd get this place. I have no idea if we are still in the running or not, we left a message yesterday so I assume the dude would've called by now. My co-workers keep encouraging me to call, but I feel if I do that he'll get a restraining order on us, then we definitely won't have the apartment.

I kinda feel like a judgemental jerk, but I won't get into it so that noone thinks poorly of me. Basically I'm cynical.

UPDATE: Just had my co-worker call the dude to see if the apartment is still available, I know it's juvenile. He said he was offering it to a "lady" tomorrrow, so I'm thinking it's the other person....major dissapointment, unless she's found something else.

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