Wednesday, May 03, 2006

observations of annoyingness

I feel that our apartment search may be coming to an end, we saw an attractive little place yesterday just four blocks away from our current home. It had a tiny balcony off one bedroom that you could get to by crawling out the window, it was so cute (that's going to be my bedroom, easy smoking access). We are looking at a couple places tonight and tomorrow and if they suck, we are snatching the cute place. Our landlord tried to get us to sign another lease with him, because he may be going to Argentina for a few months and trusts us more than the hipster/laundry fiend girls. To that I say HA HA, if we're talking trust, he hasn't been the most trustworthy of landlords, plus we are aching for a normal kitchen and a bathroom that is separate from any bedrooms. I do feel sorry that he has to lose such awesome tenants as us, one's that do normal amounts of laundry.

For volunteering at closing night of the film festival, I got a pack of tickets for best of fest and think I shall indulge in a film tonight. I'm not sure if I've ever met more annoying people than I have while working at this event, especially the other night. First of all, I was assigned the task of taping reserved signs on a section of seats. I was told to wait for instruction as far as which seats to section off, but while I was waiting, this woman who WAS NOT WORKING FOR THE FEST, JUST WAITING TO GET INTO THE MOVIE, was trying to tell me what to do and was nice, but very pushy about it. God she annoyed the hell out of me, I think she thought she was hot stuff because she knew the director and was on his "list". Then, at the after party (which was so much more lame than I thought it would be) another volunteer was chatting with me, and it was if she had been reading a self help book on how to make small talk, the conversation was so formulaic, not to mention annoying and boring. As I've expressed many a time, I despise small talk, I'd rather be left alone looking pathetic than make small talk.

Remember, tomorrow is my birthday, feel free to email me for my address so I can receive my cornucopia of gifts.

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