Tuesday, May 30, 2006

hidden talent

Nothing like a good bloody mary buzz in the morning to make one not as productive as one had hoped. Nothing like a nap, confirmation of good health (minus that smoking habit), and short stint at the local shop enjoying an ice coffee and some blogging to get one raring to go for the evening. Betsy and I gotta bounce yo.....we have to pack up our shit, move into a one and 1/2 room apartment for a month, and then move again into our permanent home. I'm going to miss our little place, but am looking forward to having more spaciousness, and a bathroom that is separate from my bedroom. We may even get a piano, with which I will hopefully progress beyond my mediocre piano playing skills.

Such a nice visit with Sally and MS flava, my only complaint being that is was far too short. I did freakishly well at playing croquet, which was likely a fluke thing for one evening only. I came thisclose to beating Sally, which would've been something to write home about. If only she hadn't played dirty and cursed at me, my little sensitive self couldn't get back on my mental game. Maybe therapy would help. I also hope to learn to wear sunscreen.

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