Friday, May 26, 2006

change of plan, or how I ended up living in a college house

I guess women have a reputation for being indecisive (not that I like to ascribe to gender generalizations). So we were all ready to drop off our deposit checks, sign our lease, etc. when Betsy calls me at work and brought up the option of staying at our place for another month, because she wanted to find something with more space. In fact, she had already called a place that was available for July. I agreed to take a look at it, and if it didn't strike our fancy, to stick with what we had, but I looked at it and it's a lovely, spacious apartment (albeit with 5 br's) so I signed a lease right then and there. Well, my concern is I'll be living with Betsy, and her 3 college buddies and recent Carleton grads. This is A. a lot of people, B. folks whose average age is 5 years younger than myself, and C. Carleton grads, whom, since living with Betsy, I've discovered are a special breed of person. But I figure hell, it'll make me feel young again, and I'll save money, and I might be going back to school with a bunch of 18-22 yr olds soon anyways so might as well live with them. Frankly this apartment search has been somewhat frustrating for me as in I love Betsy, but she can't afford that much for rent, which obviously limits our options. So, we'll see how it goes I guess.

I really need to brush up on my elementary math skills, I've near forgotten anything to do with fractions, and my algebra needs some serious work too. That test was much harder than I had anticipated, which I hate because I'm pretty smart, and I'm not inept at math, so even though I know it was just because it's been years since I've multiplied and divided fractions, it was a smart to the ego. But anywho, I just have to convince my mother to have faith in me and co-sign a loan for me and I'll be on the path to being a master pastry chef. I figure she'll either lecture me about how I'm irresponsible with money and say no, or she'll lecture me, I'll whine, and she'll say yes. Either way I'm anticipating a lecture.

I realize all I've been writing about lately is our adventures in apartment hunting, or my quest to go back to school, how lame.

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