Tuesday, May 09, 2006

decisions, decisions

Betsy and I need to decide on a place by the end of the week, and find another roommate. We met a nifty gal last week, but she opted for free rent in exchange for housesitting. Our other option so far is a young lad who enjoys gaming and playing D&D, who we thought might be really geeky based on our pre-conceived notions. He wasn't overly geeky, but he does want his girlfriend to live with him for the summer which we decided would be too much.

I dislike decision making, and lately many are having to be made. I can sit around and weigh my options til the cows come home, and often by that time the decision is made for me, the opportunity is lost, then I bitch about how my life is stagnant. So anyways, I'm being a little dramatic, but fact of the matter is I don't take risks, which is lame I know, but thus far I've been lame as always. Perhaps I shall see an analyst about that.

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