Thursday, May 11, 2006

the importance of being earnest

Betsy and I are anxiously awaiting word on if we got our dream apartment or not. We are second to put in our applications, and are sending vibes out to the other woman that she absolutely does not want this apartment (although I have no idea why she wouldn't). I felt sick inside when the landlord (a very cool guy) said that someone else was really interested. It was as if we were going to ask our crush out, we were all nervous and giggly and couldn't form intelligible sentences, only to find out yeah, he thinks we're keen, but sorry he's already been asked to the prom and can't back out now. We are hoping that our earnestness, and basically our pathetic whoring of ourselves will get us what we wish for. I mean, we left and felt dejected, then Betsy called him to reiterate how much we wanted to live there (to which he said if the other person wants it, she gets it), then we sent him an email saying we'd pay additional rent. So we figure we've at least tried our best if we don't get, which I should sometime today. It's beautiful, spacious, cheap, great location, great landlord who wants to fix things....basically it's absolutely perfect. So right now I feel as though I've hooked up with my dream man at a party and I'm waiting to see if he calls, obsessing, replaying the details in my mind, fantasizing about our future together....

OK, I'll shut up now.

p.s. note that I've resorted to leaving myself comments, how sad

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