Monday, May 08, 2006

personal Jesus, nausea, androgeny, and giant puppets

Such festivities this weekend. My birthday was lovely, Cassie, Jenni and Olivia made a fabulous meal, and Sarah came with Coby, so it was some nice girl time (with the exception of Coby, but he's a baby). After a mere 2 drinks I was feeling slightly nauseated as well as tired, so I can't say I was as busty with my celebrating as I'd normally be. Olivia gave me a dashboard Jesus to help me get on track spiritually.

For Cinco de Mayo us girls and Coby (minus Jenni) went to a gallery opening, saw our old pal Papo. Then we headed off to a Cinco de Mustache party where we strutted our androgenous stuff and sported our 'staches. I was the villian, Cassie was the Con Man, and Olivia was ummm....I don't remember, the entertainer or something.

Basically, the party was lame until our arrival. There was nary a female with a moustache until we got there, and then all the ladies were green with envy and just had to have one.

And speaking of being nauseated, as I was sitting talking to Fujipants, one of the dudes playing poker vomited all over the table, it was gross. Once you are past a certain age you don't expect to see drunken vomiting at a party, at least outside of the bathroom.

Yesterday I joined my bro for the MayDay festival at one of Minneapolis's lovely city parks. Not only did I see a kick ass parade with giant puppets, great music and costumes, and important political statements, but I also saw at least 2 very attractive men.

And to round out the weekend I attended church, and three short films that were part of the "best of fest" for the film festival. So although I was fairly certain I had Mono, or am just too old now to do anything other than sit, I managed to pack my birthday weekend full of festivity, it helps me to feel young again.

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