Friday, May 12, 2006

you can't always get what you want

But it'd sure be nice in this case. Today is an eyeorish day (Imagine me saying "oh well, I shouldn't have expected to live in a kick-ass, yet cheap apartment anyways", in an eyeore voice). I still haven't had confirmation on the apartment, but I talked to the landlord and he's just waiting on the other person's landlord reference and if she wants it she gets it. So our only hope is that either she's truly a horrible tenant and the landlord will say as much, or she decides she doesn't want the place which is pretty unlikely because it is so kick-ass, that I wish I never even knew it existed if I can't live there. Would you rather have been born blind, or know what it was like to see and then lose your sight? Okay, I realize I'm being a titch overdramatic, but I just would like to not have to settle for good enough, I feel like I do that constantly.

Anywho...I could also rant about the age old plight of being a single woman, but I'll save that for next time. I'm tired from getting sucked into karoake last night at Carissa's suburban neighborhood bar where I made a fool of myself singing "Uptown Girl", although at least I didn't shake my ass with intermingled pelvic thrusting while singing "Baby Got Back" like Carissa did.

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