Wednesday, March 22, 2006

ah hell

Oh man, I'm excited...Jess returns! Yes, in the scenes for the new episodes of Gilmore Girls starting 2 weeks from yesterday Jess seems to play a very integral part, including some sort of kissing scene. I knew it, I knew he would come back.

I could potentially live another 60 years or more, well, of course unless I get killed by the bird flu or some other pandemic or don't quit smoking (though my g-ma smoked heavily at least 60 years, died in her 80's), anyways, that is a long time, 2 more of my lifetimes thus far. Perhaps I shouldn't feel so old and stuck, perhaps I should lighten up on myself.

Anywho, wish I had a smarmy scandalous tale to share but I don't really.

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