Saturday, March 25, 2006

not bad

So, I survived my full on strip club experience, the whole event was rather intrigueing I would say. Betsy and I pretty much judged and evaluated the other patrons and the strippers themselves the entire time. The place itself was a "gentlemen's club" so I don't know if it was supposed to be more classy than your run of the mill strip joint, but it had nice decor, lots of fake trees and things. I concluded that I could cross stripper off my list of possible career choices, if not for my modesty in regards to being nude, then for my lack of physical fitness...more specifically lack of arm strength. I NEVER, not once, even managed to climb up one notch on that hanging rope that we had to climb to the top and ring the bell in gym class, and I demonstrated to my friends just a couple weeks ago on Survivor night how I can't even do a push up, it truly is pathetic. So unless I take steroids I probably won't be making it up that pole. One stripper in particular had (can I say) some mad pole skills, she at one point went to the top, then slid down the pole on pretty much her armpit it was amazing. The music was the most disturbing, cheesy metal mostly with a bit of top 40 hip-hop thrown in which was a relief. Betsy and I, in our judgement of the men there, stereotyped them as either frat boy (with their incredibly annoying girlfriends) or IT geeks who probably rarely get a glimpse of an actual naked woman and can't wait to tell their friends about their weekly excursion during their LAN party the next day, or perhaps over a rousing game of D+D. Though in a tangent discussion Betsy and I figured geeks probably are getting laid more than we are, because hot people attract hot people, and geeks attract other geeks, then there are all those in the middle, like us, who feel like we can never find a decent guy to date. Anywho, we also got riled up over the fact that they can molest other female patrons, touch them, kiss them, pull up their shirt and fondle them, the only reason we figured for that was to turn on the male patrons since men aren't allowed to touch them and the stripper can't like, take their wiener out of their pants, though please correct me if I'm wrong. I suppose in the end it's all about the money. I did find myself wondering what the strippers thought of their profession, that was probably the most curious part.

All in all not a horrible experience, Betsy and I had considered bailing for lack of enthusiasm over witnessing the degradation of women, but then we drank some whiskey and felt more up to the task. I probably wouldn't plan an additional future outing, but I'm glad I got the experience under my belt. Actually after the first half hour or so it got kinda boring, even for Betsy's friends who are bisexual.

Ahh, my former crush is playing Arrested Development, how nostalgic, and the guy sitting next to me keeps reading aloud to himself.

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