Friday, March 17, 2006

PTL (confirmed)

Betsy showed me this last night. If you are cooler than me which you probably are, you've probably seen it already, but it's pretty darn funny (and a nice followup to MS flava's latest comment).

Dear Betsy is officially leaving for Montana this summer at the end of May, I'm gonna miss that girl. She was offering some ideas on what I should do with my life, since I apparently remain clueless and unable to make a decision. Because I sent her a funny and well written email, she's convinced that I should pursue some sort of writing career, or social work since I'm a good listener and get along well with most people, or something artsy. My problem is that I lack confidence, am relatively lazy, and need (additional) therapy.

Lucy survived her surgery and is on the healing path, getting her rest. She's so cute, she looks all crabby and tired. She and George are getting along fine, I thought he would freak out, he's curious but keeps his distance. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers, Lucy thanks you too.

Happy Birthday Jenni!! I am wearing a button that says kiss me, I'm Irish (though I'm not), for our festivities later this evening, and a good night it will be, guaranteed.

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