Thursday, March 23, 2006

right on

Co-worker Angela seems to recently adopted the phrase "right on" which strikes me as somewhat amusing. I suppose because I associate that phrase with arty hipster types, of which she is not. angela though, remains much a mystery to me. I love her, I appreciate her always being willing to lend me a helping hand, but she is a horse of a different color.

So I have to work here until Jan. 1st, 2007, well, I don't have to, but it would definitely be worth my while to stick it out. I just recently learned of a pension account that I can cash out when I'm "vested", I'll be "vested" Jan. 1st and can cash out this pension, scoring me at least $2500 if not more. I had no idea this money existed for me until yesterday, free money that my company just put into an account for me. Okay, it probably is normal for companies to set up pension accounts, but it was news to me. This means I can pay off debt, clean up my credit a bit, leaving my 401k intact as savings. Or I could blow it on a car, an iPod and a laptop, hmmmmm, choices.

I finally watched Hustle and Flow last night. I've probably had that netflix DVD laying around for a good month and a half. You see, pretty much any DVD that has graced my eyeballs has been of Gilmore Girls, seasons 3+4, and I still have season 1 to watch. Since my body refuses to stay awake past 9 p.m. while watching anything on TV (except apparently the first LOTR),it takes me a while to get through a movie, or an episode. Anyways, the movie was suprisingly heart-warming and also inspirational.

My landlord is crazy, he told Betsy that he would like us to stay month to month as long as we want if we want to. Weird. He has recruited his friend to pull my car out of the ice tonight though so whatever.

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