Wednesday, March 15, 2006

PTL (hopefully)

I have a prayer request for Lucy if you think of it, that she will get through her surgery safely and have quick recovery. The vet is so old though I think she could probably spay Lucy in her sleep, she had to be pushing 70, has a private practice in her home, so I don't think it could be said that she lacks experience.

Survivor tonight, apparently a special episode airing on a different night this week. The survivor herself is rumored to make an in person appearance along with beau and "best friend" MS flava (to clear the air regarding sexual orientation).

Inspired by MS flava's post regarding television, I will comment on one of my current faves, Gilmore Girls. I hear that there may be only one season left of the Girl's crazy antics, and I want to officially put out there my hope that Rory and Jess end up together. Jess is hot, he totally has that bad boy, yet sensitive side that shows with the right person (Rory of course) which is oh so alluring. He's creative (wrote a book) and smart (reads a ton), he has the life experience and street smarts to balance out Rory's naivete. Although Logan and Rory seem good together on a practical levlel, Jess challenges Rory in a way that Logan never will, and certainly he's grown more mature in the time that he and Rory have spent apart. So there you go, my bid for Jess, and evidence of my sad life constantly watching Gilmore Girls.

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