Wednesday, March 01, 2006

flute and drum

Cassie and I keep talking about starting up a band, I'll play the flute, she'll play the drum, and we'll possibly have a baritone played by Carissa. Sure, I haven't touched a flute since 9th grade, but I'm sure it'll be like riding a bicycle. I think I could master the guitar as well, though with a bit more difficulty due to my gimp arm. However there is always the option of playing it left handed ala Paul McCartney or playing it vertically, which would of course be my signature style that I'll become famous for. As to our "sound" we've been gravitating towards some sort of fusion, and of course Jethro Tull will be a major influence.

I was made fun of for being a penis looker/pervert last night. I'm sorry, but when someone fiddles with their zipper I don't think it is entirely unnatural for the eye to follow the movement that is taking place. Now don't get excited, this was not a precursor to me getting any action, Cassie and I were simply enjoying a smoke outside prior to heading home from the bar and were joined by a couple of humorous and attractive guys, one of which apparently had a problem with their zipper falling down. So yeah, I look at guy's crotches, if that makes me a perv then so be it.

Well, I'm taking a tour of a culinary arts school next week, yep, I may enroll in the baking and pastry program.

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