Sunday, March 12, 2006

what is going on here

I walked in on George and Lucy having an ahem, intimate moment, which was A. funny and B. confusing as I didn't think George had those urgings anymore after the snip snip. I remembered when my dad would ask me on my summer breaks to go out and observe which cows were in heat so that they could be bred. A job I admittedly slacked on for I think obvious reasons, but probably the only time the subject of sex was broached between my dad and myself. Praise God Almighty, I am taking Lucy in this week to get fixed, sweet relief is in my (and her) grasp.

I was quite impressed by Stereolab, I wasn't sure how they'd sound live but they pretty much sound the same as their recordings, and the lead singer is fabulous. Cassie and I poked a bit of fun at the opening band, I drank too much, we met some guy who asked us to go to the Uptown since he was on "the list", turns out he wasn't. Some pretentious buddy of his was there, and I felt the need to share that I thought he was a pretentious bastard. Then we blew that pop stand in favor of feasting on roller dogs and they were mighty tasty.

I may get to set eyes upon dear friend Olvia within a couple weeks, I can't wait.

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