Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I can do that

I was looking at this list of the least popular jobs that msn provided. 2 of which I had considered going to school for, to be a nurse or librarian. Having worked in a medical office for 4 1/2 years now surrounded by nurses, the thought has crossed my mind to actually be a nurse instead of their peon that gets paid far less, but I kinda nixed that idea when I thought about having to stick people with needles and other queasy stuff like that. I could see myself being a librarian, I have no idea what kind of knowledge one needs to obtain to be a librarian other than the dewey decimal system and knowing how to readily find information, but I would have to get that library science degree under my belt. The others were machinist (no), truck driver (no, it would be scary if I were driving a truck) and pharmacist. Now pharmacist I think I could do as well, if I didn't have to be in school for so long, but you do make a helluva lot of money.
Or I could try to get into grad school for painting.

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