Monday, March 27, 2006

no rest for the weary

I feel tired, I mean between looking at naked women, working, cleaning, going to Jenny P.'s (now Jenny L.) wedding reception to drunkenly dance with a plastic octopus, working on acheiving some sort of goal, and of course church and the post church beer, I haven't had a lot of relaxation, yet I feel as though I accomplished very little of what I wanted to get done, which I then have to get done during the week and etc., etc. Some people seem to be able to do so much with their time, I don't get it. And adulthood stinks, I wish I could be fat and lazy like I was when I was a kid, well, I'm still sorta lazy, and a bit fatter than I'd like.

I had a good idea this weekend, but I can't share it because it is so good it will surely be stolen.

Maybe I should try St. John's Wort.

If I want to go to culinary school this summer, I have to ask my mother to co-sign a loan for me, and I'll certainly get my head bitten off because my mother thinks I'm irresponsible with money which I am. I can't even decide what the hell I want to do anyways.

Co-worker Angela is now saying "right on" at any opportune or innopportune moment, which is starting to irritate me.

My tummy hurts.

Apparently today is rant on my blog day. I'm probably just depressed about George and Lucy.

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